Aerial Photography | Sven Grauer

Aerial image of a river

River delta , Iceland

On the following pages you will see aerial photos of iceland river deltas, captured from a plane. This aerial view gave me a complete different perspective of this fascinating and sureal landscape.

Monochrom aerial photography

Fairy dance, Iceland

Iceland, the land of elves. Just open your mind and immerse in the world of myths and watch the fairy dance.

Abstract aerial photo

Area 51, Iceland

Aerial river photo

Dreamed, Iceland

Abstract aerial image

River petal, Iceland

Phlegethon, Iceland

Revelation, Iceland

The inner conflict, Iceland

Tree, Iceland

Riverdance, Iceland

The embrace, Iceland

Land before time, Iceland

River of gold, Iceland

Ice Flowers, Iceland

Dragon's rising, Iceland

The heart of Iceland, Iceland

Man on fire, Iceland