Black and white Photography | Sven Grauer

Black and White Photography dunes

Sea of Sand, Death Valley

A black and white photography taken at Death Valley.
Light and shadow transformed the desert landscape in an endless ocean where I was diving in.

Monochrom image of dunes

Silent wave, Death Valley

Black and White Photo Iceland

The black beach, Iceland

The coastline of Iceland offers fantastic seascapes for monochrome photos. The idea here was also to work with a diagonal line seperating
the darker and lighter parts of the image. The sea foam leads the observer towards the mystic rocks of Vik and Myrdal.

Monochrom image of wreck

Stranded, Oregon

The wreck of the Peter Iredale is very photogenic and an often photographed object. Before I was starting shooting photos I was observing the complete scenery for a while. The flood helped me to create an interesting foreground when the first water flowed over the sandpatterns of the beach.

Death Valley Dunes in monochrome

The Moment of Innocence, Death Valley

The curve, Andalusia, Spain

Monochrom seascape Seychelles

Sirene's song, Seychelles

The siren's song it's hard to resist. The beauty brings the spoil. I used this bad weather to do a photographic interpretation of this theme.
The dark clouds proclaim already the disastrous.

Mochrom seascape photo

King of the tides, Iceland

Monochrom image of Oulanka

World's end, Iceland

Abstract monochrom photography

Earth puzzle, Spain

Monochrom image of Oulanka

Winter, Oulanka National Park, Finland

Monochrom photo Utah

Enchanted forest, Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument

Monochrom image of Death valley

The dune, Death Valley

Búðakirkja black church photo

The black church, Iceland

Abstract black and white photo from Utah

Dancer in the dark, Utah

Monochrome photo of iceland fumaroles

Heart of darkness, Iceland

Black and white image of madeira forest

A fairytale, Madeira

Monochrome image of madeira forest

The invitation, Madeira