Macro Photography | Sven Grauer

Extrem macro Photography of a rose

Sun storm, Rose flower

Abstract macro photography gives me the opportunity to move a photographic object into simple shapes, lines, structures or colors.
Like this extrem macro photo of a yellow orange rose that was made with a wide open aperture so that the flower turns with imagination into a sun storm. On the following pages you will see more abstract macro photographies of flowers and plants.

Close up photo of an orchid

Gonzo, Pink orchid flower

A face appears in this close up photo of an orchid by focusing on the pedicel. While trying to get the best composition, I couldn't stop thinking about the Muppets character "Gonzo". It was for me one of the funniest photo shooting.

Macro photo of an orchid

Single Flame, Pink orchid flower

This photo is an extrem macro photography of a pink orchid flower. A 3:1 magnification was used to work with parts of the petals.

Macro photo of an agave

Shades of green, Agave

Close up photography of an agave.